Seatbelt Blues

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Don't try this at home?

Thanks to the good folks at Mythbusters, I've taken up card0-throwing. I've lacerated a large foam panel and gotten a few to stick.

It's really remarkably fun.

Meanwhile, a few things seem to come to a head.

On the one, an addressed, stamped envelope from the Society of St Paul has arrived in the mail, thus further cementing a strange reality, that, within a year, I may be leaving here for something that still seems a little surreal.

Also, Matthew Deiner, Loyola Press's Managing editor for trade books, is "anxious" to see some finished work from Bodanen, my graphic novel. The first pages coming from Erik, the artist for the book, are looking grand, so I'm pretty sure they'll like it.

Pray for me, friends.


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