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Friday, July 29, 2005

The Slightest, Greatest Thing

I got into a debate about the nature of worship, and whether or not anything we do is inherantly meaningless or neutral. Here's my post in response to "Worship is just a state of the heart.".

If that's all worship is, to hell with it. God didn't create a world entirely composed of the heart. The world is a world of action and movement and sense and substance. The world isn't just a distraction for the heart; it's the very thing of the universe, God's created world, and it is "charged with the grandeur of God."

Nothing we do is without consequence. Nothing is meaningless. What a God you insult by calling insignificant some aspect of His creation! What a God you insult by implying that something simply doesn't count. Everything counts, everything has consequence, everything has meaning and purpose, absolutely everything. The same God who made the mountains and the clouds and all the other things for which we normally praise God created your arms and legs and hands and feet, your eyes and hair and lips and tongue, your butt and the couch it's planted in. How can you look at this world and say that anything is irrelevant? How can you not look at the interconnectedness of human existence and say that your casual actions have no transcendant component?

How on earth can the slightest, greatest thing be just "the slightest thing?"

What a terrible world to live in.


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