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Monday, August 08, 2005

Evolving Evolution

Man, I just nearly choked on some Rice Crispies.

Anyway, it's 9 in the morning and I just woke up, and over at, they're running a story over Schonborn's essay on evolution. This is still news? Wasn't this played out a few weeks ago?

Still, ''I found it wasn't helpful in the sense that it muddied the waters," said the Rev. Donald Plocke, a Jesuit priest and biology professor at Boston College. ''In my estimation there is no reason to think there is a conflict between Catholic philosophy and the theory of evolution."
That all depends on which theory, and that's the part that everyone in the press is missing. Why is it so hard for people to understand that Catholicism, with its all-encompassing belief that the world was created deliberately by God and is imbued with meaning and purpose and God's glory in every micron of everything? Because if the world is "...charged with the grandeur of God..," then the random development of said world is impossible. Everyone likes to grab hold of John Paul the Great's 1996 "evolution is more than a theory" statement, and that may well be true. But Darwinian Selection is most assuredly not the method, and Catholicism has at no time accepted that it was.

I've read articles and essays recently that have the author freaking out that Catholicism is going to be come the next Southern Baptist Convention, demanding stickers on textbooks disclaiming evolution and defining Pi as just 3. I think they are seriously missing the point. We're not concerned with evolution per se as much as we are with the idea that humanity, which God has said He loves, was nothing more than an accident, and each of us is merely a chemical robot. A machine. My roommate just the other day said that humans are just incredibly sophisticated machines, and I had to ask - why do we always make the comparison to lessen man? Why do we never call a toaster "a simple organism?" Instead, men are machines, complex, organic machines.

No, that can't be.


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