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Thursday, August 18, 2005

A Surprising Find

I stumble across the strangest music. My current infatuation is with Dengue Fever, a Los Angeles-based Cambodian Psychedelic Indie-Rock band. I can't begin to express how much I adore this sound. The band is largely American except for the singer, former Cambodian pop princess Chhon Nimol. Founded on two American guys' love of 1960's Cambodian rock music, Dengue Fever shows at least its American influences; I can hear some Jefferson Airplane in there, and maybe even a little Canned Heat. I'm sure that's just my American ear there, not being familiar with their Cambodian influences.

The music is fast and exciting, the vocals incredible (and almost entirely in Khmer, the language of Cambodia), and it's really quite addicting. It has some absolutely vintage organ in there, too. I think I can also hear a little jazz in there at times coming from the horns.

I can't descibe adequately enough how much I love this music.


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